Welcome to the Lyme Public Library



Effective Tuesday, May 4, 2021 the Lyme Public Library will resume its normal pre-COVID hours.

The schedule will be:

Tuesday               10 A.M. – 8 P.M.

Wednesday          10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Thursday              10 A.M. – 8 P.M.

Friday                   10 A.M. – 5 P.M.

Saturday               10 A.M. - 4 P.M.

The Library will continue to offer curbside service to anyone who requests it.

Mask wearing will still be required within the building.  Gloves will no longer be required as of May 4, and returned items will no longer be quarantined.

In addition, the Library’s Reading Area and meeting rooms will once again be open to the public.  In order to maintain social distancing, meeting room capacities will be limited to the following:

Small Study Room – 2 persons at a time

Judith Lightfoot Conference Room – 4 Persons at a time

Library Community Room – 10 persons at a time

Rooms will be reserved in two hour time blocks.  Please contact the Library to reserve a room.  The Library reserves the right to re-assign rooms to allow maximum room use.  The meeting room policy and application are available here.

Reservations in one hour increments will still be required to use the library computers.  However, patrons may once again bring their laptops or tablets and sit in the reading area. The reading area will be limited to 4 persons at a time. 

For health and safety reasons, our coffee corner will be unavailable until further notice.

Because children cannot yet be vaccinated, the computers in the children’s room will remain unavailable until further notice.

We are pleased to welcome our community back to the library with our full hours.  We appreciate your co-operation.  With continued preventive measures against COVID-19, we look forward to the day when we can restore full library services.








Library Strategic Plan  - completed 2019


To Town of Lyme Residents:

Below is the latest Strategic Plan for the Lyme Public Library.  It sets out the goals and strategies that the Library’s Board of Directors will be pursuing over the next three years.  One characteristic of any strategic plan is its adaptability to changing conditions.  It is expected that this plan will evolve over time but will always be in the best interests of the town that the Library serves.

The core of the report, which contains the development of the goals and strategies, can be found in the first eight pages.  The appendices that follow contain more detailed information on the feedback which was obtained in order to develop the plan.  There were many good ideas and suggestions offered by community members, which have been preserved here for later consideration.

The Board of Directors wants to again express its appreciation to the many residents who participated in the survey, and the focus groups, staff members, and community leaders who agreed to be interviewed.  Without this candid and open feedback, it would not have been possible to produce such a comprehensive and meaningful plan.

Jack Sulger


Lyme Public Library Board of Directors


click on the image to open the report



April 2016 - Transition in Library Board Leadership - Judith Lighfoot Steps Down as Board President - is Succeeded by Jack Sulger




In May 2015, a booklet celebrating our new library was mailed to all Lyme households.  If you did not receive one in the mail, you may view it here.  There are a limited number of copies available at the Library.