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Update March 1, 2014

It is with great sadness that we must announce that our beloved Emma passed away on February 27. Our hearts are broken. She brought joy and laughter to our library and our community for 11 years. There was no better library cat in all the world, and she will be forever missed.

Click here to see a remembrance of Emma written by the Library Director.



A Note to Emma's Special Friends and Fans:  February 1, 2014    


We are sorry to report that Emma became ill a few days ago and we have been told that her time left with us is short. We want to give those who live nearby the opportunity to stop in and say farewell, and those who cannot come the opportunity to post their thoughts on Facebook and Twitter.  Though we are extremely sad at this development, we are grateful for the 11 years that Emma has graced our lives and made the Library a welcoming and happy place.  We are cherishing every minute that we have left with her and letting her know how much she means to us and to our community.   We will post updates here as necessary.                               

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       Emma the Lyme Library Cat Peruses Some of Her Favorite Books


Emma the cat (formerly known as Nina) came to the Lyme Public Library in February 2003 from a local animal shelter.  Within a few days she settled in and let everyone know she was in charge!  In June 2003, the library held a party to choose a new name for her. She came with the name Nina, and some library staffers persist in using that name.  She doesn't seem to mind.  At the party, our library patrons chose the name Emma, and that is now her official name.  However, you will frequently hear people refer to her as Queen Emma (or Queen Nina), Her Royal Highness or The Boss!

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Queen Emma Holding Court


Emma's favorite place is the stool at the circulation desk.   She likes to sit (or sleep) there and supervise library activities.  If anyone on the library staff dares to sit in that stool, Emma will sit and stare at them until they move!  It's also a prime location to get lots of attention and stroking from patrons who come into the library.

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Emma on her favorite stool and on the circulation desk.

Emma has captured the hearts of library staffers (including the Library Director who frequently makes a fool of herself over Emma), patrons and the town residents.   Her many friends and admirers (or subjects, if you wish) bring her toys and treats and generously donate toward her food and care.  She is friendly, affectionate, and a wonderful companion. Emma greets the library staff as they arrive for work in the morning and lets them know that all is well, she welcomes patrons and guests to the building, and more than anything, Emma makes the Lyme Public Library a wonderful place to work and to visit.

Emma has become famous.  She has her own chapter in the book Working Cats of Southern New England by Barbara E. Moss and Melissa E. Moss, and she appeared in the February 2010 issue of Cat Fancy Magazine. In February 2013, Emma celebrated her tenth anniversary at the Library.

Emma has her own email address.  If you wish to email her, click on the link below.

You can keep up to date about Emma's activities by following the Library on Twitter at @LymePL, or you can follow Emma herself at @EmmaLymePLCat.


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